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She’s the constant in this variable world, The person that has been there since day 1, From Elie Ward’s era... To the Tony Ward’s present time, She’s the strength that continues to show up and stand up with her unique flair, She’s the glue that sticks it all together… No matter what, She’s a wife, a hard-working woman, but most of all, She’s the mother.

Elie Ward’s wife and Tony’s mother. 

Zoya is a distinguished woman who walks the Beirut headquarters every morning at ten o’clock sharp.
She is tall, her chocolate brown hair matches her piercing brown eyes, always full of emotions and with lots of comfort…They never lie. 

Her style depends on her mood, but however she is, her joyful spirit always lifts and motivates the employees and never fails at bringing positive energy with her – she is a ray of sunshine! 

She walks straight towards her office after greeting each one of the employees by their special nicknames, and closes the door behind her.She is ready to start the day. 

Zoya is sensitive and delicate, she makes you feel comfortable. Always has her nose in books, and she would devour them until the very last page as ‘they are sources of wisdom’ she says.

The rock of the Ward Fashion heritage. 

It all started when Zoya met Elie Ward, her husband, in the 60’s, they were neighbors in the same building.

He had already started his career in the fashion world at the same time. Surprisingly, Zoya wasn’t into Couture nor could stand straight for fittings! Light-spirited, she was always ready for a good laugh. 

During Beirut’s civil war, she stepped out of her comfort zone and got more involved in her husband’s business. The wife and mother of four used to wear many hats. She procured the finest fabrics from Downtown Beirut for Elie’s creations. 

She then handled his clients; the Lebanese, the Mexicans, the French, the Italians… Later on, she took over the finances. A self-taught woman, truly. 

Eventually, she got an eye for fashion through her husband’s great attention to detail, his countless fittings and, of course, his passion for couture. 

When Tony, her son, came back to Lebanon to establish his own Fashion House in the 90’s, she believed in him. It was a rebirth for her. 

She stood by him as she stood by her husband. She started to work as an HR manager, then handled the finances, she still does. 
Zoya’s office remains open for whoever needs a shoulder to lean on. 

She always say that she and Tony are different, but they complete each other in many ways, they both have their own personalities but manage to work around that with each other’s. 
She is his weakness and strength, both at the same time. 

Today, in 2024, more than 25 years after the establishment of Tony Ward Couture, and 70 years after the opening of Elie Ward’s Atelier, the light-spirited woman is still up for new challenges. 

To the Mother of all,
To the rock of milestones,
To Zoya.

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