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It’s Tony Ward’s birthday. The birthday of our humble designer with the biggest heart and the most unique humor. He is firmly strict but the warmth in his eyes is recognizable from miles afar, he can smile in a split of a second. On this occasion, we want to show the world the other side of Tony, that is not seen on media channels, nor through press interviews… We are about to reveal that side with 25 questions, and we had asked him to answer back spontaneously, quickly and without a brainer.

1- How are you doing these days?
Okay…Not bad. 

2- Your current obsessions? 
Tomorrow…it’s my biggest obsession. 

3- What is your biggest fear?
The minute I just missed. 

4- If you weren’t a fashion designer, you would be?
In the basketball world…Playing, managing a team, doing something in that world… 

5- Your weirdest habit?

6- Have you ever slapped someone in the face?
No I have never slapped anyone in the face, I wish sometimes but I don’t do it. 

7- Most embarrassing moment?
I would say ‘momentS’ and usually we don’t share these… 

8- Your biggest achievement to date -not fashion related?
My family…my children. 

9- Saturday nights or Sunday mornings?
Both…Can’t do a Sunday morning if I haven’t done my Saturday night.

10- What is your biggest vice?

11- What is your biggest virtue?
Big heart. 

12- A trend you would never ever integrate in your collections?
No fur, no leather. 

13- What is something that you don’t do but wish to do more?
More vacations. 

14- The first thing that comes to your mind when we ask you:
What makes Tony Ward smile in a second?
One person. 

15- A quote you live by?
‘Live this moment as if it’s your last one’ 

16- A quality you most cherish in a friend?

17- What’s your favorite book?
‘Lettre à Theo’ it’s a book written about Van Gogh. 

18- Playing it safe or taking risk?
Taking Risk. 

19- Name your muse?
She changes every day. 

20- Favorite movie or series?
I would say ‘The Champ’ 

21- Plan for a perfect night out?
With my childhood friends. 

22- Your worst nightmare would be?
I don’t want to think about it. 

23- An advice to the young Tony? 
Something that you would change in your path as a young man… More time for Tony. 

24- What challenged you the most?
The war. 

25- Your birthday wish?
A wish you would never share, so I am not sharing.  

This is Tony’s unseen side… the side of a designer, but also of a family guy. His answers are warm, genuine and full of compassion. We, his team, wish Tony the happiest of birthdays, with days to come filled with nothing but positive vibes, creative sparkles, special creations and lights… 

Here’s to another year around the sun with the Tony Ward Family growing stronger by his side. 

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