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مقالات فوروارد ماج

The Other Side of Tony

The Other Side of Tony
Meet the Team
If you weren’t a designer, you would be a...
Basketball Coach.

Favorite thing to watch on TV:
An NBA game during playoff season.

Before you hit the office, you would:
Wake up at sunrise to watch an NBA game (whenever it’s the season). Go for an hour of Bike ride. A 45mins of boxing session. Quick coffee break while sunbathing on the roof. Breakfast with the family. Work time!

Favorite hobby:
Playing Basketball (isn’t it obvious?)

When you get nervous, you...
Dig into nuts!

Your kind of Music:
I’m into oldies!

Someday you will...
Be a bar owner – you will find me behind the bar, mixing drinks! - Or - Owning a "Pistacherie" with various types of nuts 

Your time off would be:
Road tripping in Italy!

Favorite food:
French fries & anything related to Italian cuisine.

In 10 years...
I will be less involved in my business & more involved in my private life.

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