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Meet the Source: Elie Ward

Meet the Source: Elie Ward
Meet the Team
Do you still remember who was the first person you tailored something for?
This was long time ago. I can't really remember. I dressed half of Beirut’s socialites.

Why do you think all of Beirut's residents wanted to be dressed by Elie Ward?
Because Elie Ward's pieces were unique, especially my suits! I used to create evening gowns, wedding dresses and everything that could be tailored. I once prepared 180 dresses for Nuns.

What used to differentiate you from other couturiers back then?
My unique Italian patterns coming straight from Rome and my attention to detail in each piece.

Your wife, Zoya, told us that she is still keeping many of the dresses you tailored for her. They are still intact, aren’t they?
The pieces are still the same. My wife has more than three closets of clothes and she still asks me to create new dresses for her.

What did you teach your son?
I taught him everything related to this job. Since he was a kid, he used to come and watch me work.

Do you think the same spirit that prevailed when you began 60 years ago, still exits?
What is still the same is the quality and attention to detail and now with my son, Tony, it is even further explored! 

How do you see a woman wearing your creation?
Our dresses reflect the beauty and the elegance of each woman.

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