Safari Sunset: Tony Ward's Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2024/25 Collection | مقالات فوروارد ماج | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية

مقالات فوروارد ماج

Safari Sunset: Tony Ward's Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2024/25 Collection

It was a Sunday sunrise; A fun, trendy oriental music is on a high key note, more than 60 people rushing to make things happen on time: loud screams here and there to divide the different teams, hair and make-up finalizing their last touch ups, the diverse models arriving straight from the airport to the set, the test of light is done after thousands of trials, the photographer hits the first click, the videographer on the other side fixes his color contrasts…  and the roll is on. No time to waste.  

The Tony Ward team were on set for two full days of photoshoot for the upcoming Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2024/25 collection: a winter collection in a warm overland journey.

After months of preparations, countless hours of executions, the team is ready to kick it off.

Tony envisioned it differently this time, he wanted to macro-scale his inspiration in every possible way; a set was built from scratch with wooden constructions and a specific color palette to create the mood he had pictured for his dresses.
A backdrop of a safari land and dunes with enormous walls painted in a special gold-camel color, props of tree trunks and branches in between the grains of sands filling the floor space. A game of lighting should reflect the silhouette in between the walls, to create the right shadowing.
As real as it could be. 

It was not only about the theatrical set, but the whole styling to visualize the bigger picture: from the oversized hats and imposing bags, the gold-foil accessories, the statement shades and the logo-belts.
The pieces were perfectly blended in their environment, yet popping out from it. 
Craftsmanship of shimmers was sparkling through the space.


It’s a journey mixed between romance and the outland adventures of a safari. Between the sensations and the wildlife. 
Close your eyes, and embark with us: 

Just imagine sitting on a warm sand dune, With nowhere to go, but everywhere to explore. The sun is about to set… 
Gazing through the binoculars, an army of souls traveling through the space in between the hills, moving in different directions. 

In the midst of these rare fauna and flora, we spot interesting volumes and shapes on the wind-driven sand. 
It was a whole troupe navigating in an interesting color palette, contrasting the dryness in Rubin red, pink quartz, blue serenity, water green… with a touch of camel harmonizing the surrounding, yet standing out from it. 


Sculptural sequined forms with clinched waist in belts or wrapped fabrics, flattering cargo silk pants with oversized pockets, Sheer shirts in wild animal prints, Kimono-like midi-dresses in defined lace, Embroideries of snakes folding the bodice, Prints of palm trees embossed in various forms and embroideries, Puffy Edwardian sleeves and capes, Jumpsuits, shirt-like dresses, flowy pleats, and dramatic trains, The looks are be worn from sunrise to sunset, from day to night, from a safari adventure to a cocktail dinner.


The compass in our hands pivoting to the magnetic north,Not sure which direction to go,We are traveling through time.But which time? The sun is about to set…

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