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مقالات فوروارد ماج

Bridal Spring 2024 trends


You know what’s the only thing that is truly yours on your wedding day? -other than your partner, of course- It is your wedding dress. ‘Should I go for a princess cut? or ball gown? Is the ball gown too voluminous? Should I choose the in-between and try an A-line shape? What if the heart-shaped corset doesn’t suit me? Long train or short one? Lace or taffeta’  

Our advice to you: Go for whatever makes you glow!

Drop these Pinterest mood boards, go to the boutique and try what you like on the rack. It will be different off the rack, So take the moment in, Look at yourself in the mirror, You are glowing, It is yours to keep. 

Now that the blossoming season is around the corner and the Spring 2024 dresses are showcased, we are here to guide you through the most dreamy process. From the little details to the bigger picture. 

The Bridal Spring 2024 hot trends:

While the French lace and silk tulle will always be a classic, the taffeta is marking a comeback on the wedding scenery and the twist in the pockets are everything! Sleek, fitted cuts with overskirts are a trademark nowadays for the dramatic entrance and the after-party dance floor. 
The shapes and cuts are timeless, but the trendy details are what’s on the lookout now. Walk with us through these intricate twists…

Bridal 2024 trendy detailing: 

Starting with our first Bridal line, it is a sleek collection with no-so-hidden gems:  

Make it sparkly but artistic: crystal beaded geometric cut-outs, 
A small detailing that is on the roll nowadays: delicate little buttons on the back of a dress 
Keep it flattering yet chic! A play of tulle transparencies & skintight embroideries 
Soft volumes to embrace your movements on the dancefloor 

Whether it was detachable sleeves or a subtle overskirt, the details are yours to tweak!


Moving on to our other bridal line, the ‘La Mariée’ prêt-a-couture trend is simply Nature.
Look around you, feel the nature’s wonders and the wildlife gems that we spot. Spring is all about feeling fresh! 
It’s the petals of a rose, the clusters of jasmineShapes of leaves creating endless patterns Those shimmers on a rock that we call precious stones

La Mariée Spring Trends: Daring sparkles and shapes 

Sprinkles on a ball gown; it could be off-white or powder pink 
Beads stitched into diamond shapes: It’s all in the geometrical forms 
Wildflowers shimmering on majestic volumes 
Organza coated with rivers of sparkle  
Flower pops on three-dimensional embroidered corsets 
Sculptural forms of gown creating structures, yet flowing just like mother nature  

Complete your look with delicate hoodie veils in reverence to its beauty 

Trends come and go… your glow won’t. 

The Tony Ward Bridal collections invite you to live the moment fully. Yes, Bridal trends do exist but adapt them to your inner self. Mark it in your own way, Make it yours, embrace it.

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