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Starlight Ruffles and Monochrome Magic: Rita Harb in Tony Ward for Vogue Arabia

December 2023


In a visual symphony that graced the pages of Vogue Arabia's December issue, actress Rita Harb emerged as a vision of elegance and style. Adorned in a Tony Ward asymmetrical dress, the spread became a canvas where fashion met art, and monochrome golden silver hues danced in harmony with oversized capeline grandeur.

At the heart of Rita Harb's captivating look was the Tony Ward asymmetrical dress, a creation that seamlessly blended starlight reflecting statement ruffles with monochrome golden silver brilliance. The asymmetry added a dynamic flair, making every movement a cascade of elegance. The choice of colors, a blend of rich gold and silver, echoed the festive spirit of the December issue.

The enchantment of Rita Harb's appearance was immortalized by the lens of photographer Lara Zankoul. Known for her ability to capture the essence of her subjects, Zankoul's photography brought out the intricate details of the Tony Ward creation. Every ruffle, every shimmering thread of the monochrome ensemble, was a testament to the collaborative artistry of fashion and photography.

Jony Matta, the visionary stylist behind Rita Harb's Vogue Arabia look, showcased an innate understanding of fashion that transcends trends. The oversized capeline, a bold accessory choice, added a touch of drama and elevated the entire ensemble. Matta's styling choices not only complemented the asymmetrical dress but also accentuated Harb's inherent grace.

Aya Naqawah, the makeup artist for the Vogue Arabia spread, demonstrated a mastery of the craft. The makeup, a harmonious blend of subtlety and glamour, enhanced Rita Harb's natural features. The golden and silver hues echoed the tones of the dress, creating a cohesive and enchanting look.

Moe Rida, the wizard behind the hair, crafted a look that seamlessly integrated with the overall aesthetic. The choice of elegance in simplicity complemented the intricate details of the asymmetrical dress and allowed Rita Harb's radiant beauty to take center stage.

As Vogue Arabia's December pages unfold, Rita Harb's presence in Tony Ward's creation becomes a visual narrative of sophistication and style. The combination of starlight ruffles, monochrome magic, and the collaborative efforts of a talented team results in a spread that transcends fashion; it becomes an ode to the artistry that defines haute couture and high fashion.

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