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Rahma Riadh Wears Tony Ward for Vogue Arabia: Maternity Elegance

Rahma Riadh Glows in Tony Ward for Vogue Arabia's February Issue
February 2024

In Vogue Arabia's February 2024 issue, Rahma Riadh graces the pages in a breathtaking Tony Ward creation, epitomizing the essence of maternity elegance. Captured by Sandra Chidiac's lens and styled by Yasmina Karam, Riadh's radiant beauty shines through as she dons a mesmerizing midnight blue velvet dress.



Rahma Riadh's presence exudes grace and beauty, accentuated by Tony Ward's meticulously crafted midnight blue velvet dress. This piece, tailored to perfection, embraces Riadh's pregnancy glow with sophistication and charm. Each movement is a celebration of femininity and strength, capturing the timeless allure of motherhood.



Tony Ward's expertise in haute couture shines through in every detail of the midnight blue velvet dress worn by Rahma Riadh. The luxurious fabric and impeccable craftsmanship reflect Ward's dedication to creating pieces that transcend time and trends. Riadh's elegant silhouette, adorned in Ward's creation, becomes a testament to the artistry of maternity couture.



Photographer Sandra Chidiac skillfully captures Rahma Riadh's maternal beauty, immortalizing moments of serenity and grace. Through Chidiac's lens, Riadh's radiance becomes a visual symphony, resonating with viewers and evoking a sense of awe and admiration.



Yasmina Karam's styling elevates Riadh's look to new heights of sophistication. Every accessory, hairdo, and makeup choice is carefully curated to complement Tony Ward's design, creating a harmonious ensemble that exudes timeless elegance.


In Vogue Arabia's February issue, Rahma Riadh's maternity elegance is not just a fashion statement; it's a celebration of the beauty and strength of motherhood. Through the collaborative efforts of Sandra Chidiac, Yasmina Karam, and Tony Ward, Riadh's journey into motherhood is immortalized as a timeless tribute to maternal grace and elegance.

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