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Tony Ward’s Spring 2025 La Mariée collection

Is she a rare flora? 

Everyone is gazing at this silhouette, Staring at this moving shadow, She is walking between walls. Macro-scale wood walls displayed asymmetrically one behind the other with rough edges. She softens the space. They might seem grey-ish but they are more of beige tones; it’s all in the lighting and game of shadows. We are on set for the upcoming Tony Ward Bridal 2025 collection: a collection merging two clientele, two tone of voices under the same soul. They looked perfectly blended through a unified flow.

The photoshoot

We kicked off the shooting day at sunrise, around 5:30am, the 3 models are here, the flow of work is going smoothly, the light and tests are being done; It’s hair and make-up time. It’s the most crucial thing for Tony during a photoshoot: the look should complement the dresses flawlessly. The hair’s direction is sleek, it should not impose on the dresses, while the make-up is glossy. A twist that we wanted to experiment for the first time.  Couple of hours later, both, the photo-set and the video-set are ready, the team is in place, snap: Let’s go! The reflection walks out, The light comes in,Here she comes: White, off-white, nude earth-tone… but full of colors.

The collection

Water waves-like embroideries crafted on her mermaid-cut dress, A flair of oriental vibes of an oasis garden mixed on a modern dancing silhouette, She was standing out in blossoming three-dimensional scarce flowers stitched carefully on her ball gown & overskirt in various techniques and fabrics,Flowers are mixed with feathers, pearls, crystals, embellishments… they are a statement piece in various forms for this collection,Theatrical corsets and fitted busts flattering her allure, Crafted capes for the royal entrance… to be removed for the second look,Intricate pleats and cut-outs for the refined details,Sleeveless, boat-neckline, halter busts, deep-V and Edwardian sleeves were spotted here and there,French lace, silk magnolia fabric and game of sheerness, just like a timeless romance, twisted with a work of ruffles symbolizing light & movement. She is standing out in this not-too-rough space, in her element, during her big day and preparing herself for a ‘Pollen Dance’. That is the reason why the dresses were names after unique Flowers: Lilac, Lantana, Bell-Flower, Prim Rose, Oleander, Moon Flower… and so many others hard to find nowadays. Yet once you find them, they are filled with nothing but love and hope. She is dancing in a Tony Ward Bridal Spring 2025 dress.

Here comes the Bride

The shoot was wrapped up 15 hours later with a double set of pictures and videos moving simultaneously with a vibrant mood to get things done properly. Now it’s time to show that an inner beauty reflected into the not-so-empty space to the world. Shoot done, Bridal market weeks are up! It is time to pack for the upcoming trips: Line-sheets and look-books are prepared, dresses are well packed, and they are ready to go: New York and Barcelona here we come!

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