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Nour Arida in Tony Ward | Harper's Bazaar Arabia July/August 2023 Issue

Nour Arida Radiates in Tony Ward for Harper's Bazaar Arabia July/August 2023 Issue
July, 2023
Harper's Bazaar Arabia's July/August 2023 issue is a masterful blend of spirit, strength, and style. This edition pays homage to these core values, encapsulated beautifully through Nour Arida's portrayal in a mesmerizing Tony Ward dress.

The dress, an epitome of elegance, reflects Tony Ward's meticulous attention to detail and passion for design. Every aspect of the gown captures the essence of modern style while nodding to timeless beauty. Wearing it, Nour Arida serves as a beacon of grace, embodying the spirit of the modern woman while resonating with the rich heritage that the dress draws its inspiration from.

Editor-in-Chief Olivia Phillips steered the vision of this issue, bringing forth a narrative that celebrates the essence of womanhood, beauty, and the enduring spirit of resilience. With her at the helm, every page of this issue resonates with depth and passion.

Photographer Fouad Tadros, through his lens, captured Nour Arida in the Tony Ward creation, painting a visual narrative filled with emotion and elegance. Each shot resonates with the mood of the issue, highlighting the intertwining of strength and style.

Fashion Director Anna Castan's discerning eye and impeccable taste added layers of sophistication to the shoot, ensuring that every angle, every drape, every shimmer stood out to tell a story. And ensuring that this vision was executed flawlessly, Jean Marc Mondelet, the Executive Producer, masterfully orchestrated the shoot, bringing together all these elements into a harmonious dance of fashion, art, and storytelling.

In conclusion, Harper's Bazaar Arabia's July/August 2023 issue serves as a celebration of spirit, strength, and style. Nour Arida, in the Tony Ward dress, encapsulates this sentiment beautifully, making this edition not just a read, but an experience.

Editor-in-Chief: Olivia phillips
Photographer: Fouad Tadros
Fashion Director: Anna Castan
Executive Producer: Jean Marc Mondelet

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