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Mina Al Sheikhly in Tony Ward | Harper's Bazaar Arabia Bride Spring Summer 2023 Cover

July, 2023
Reframing the narrative of the modern love story, Harper's Bazaar Arabia Bride Spring Summer 2023 issue brings forth a captivating portrayal of love, elegance, and bridal beauty. At the heart of this tale is Mina Al Sheikhly, who stuns in exquisite Tony Ward pieces, setting the tone for contemporary brides with her poise and grace.

Tony Ward's designs for this issue are the embodiment of timeless elegance, intertwined with a touch of modern flair. Mina Al Sheikhly, adorned in these pieces, mirrors the essence of a contemporary bride — confident, radiant, and ethereal. Each detail of the gown, from the intricate embroidery to the flowing silhouettes, narrates a tale of romance, passion, and dreams.

Editor-in-Chief Olivia Phillips crafts a narrative that harmoniously weaves fashion with the sentiments of love. Under her guidance, this edition of Harper's Bazaar Arabia Bride elevates bridal fashion storytelling to an art form.

The visual magic, brought to life by Photographer Amer Mohamad, captures Mina Al Sheikhly in the Tony Ward creations with a sensitivity and allure that only he can master. Each frame is a tableau of emotion, style, and beauty.

Stylist Nour Bou Ezz adds layers of sophistication, ensuring that every piece, accessory, and detail accentuates Mina's natural beauty. Meanwhile, Jazmin, the hairstylist, and Make-up artist Jean Kairouz collaborate to highlight Mina's features, perfectly balancing the bold with the delicate, creating a harmonious bridal look.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia Bride Spring Summer 2023 issue stands as a testament to the evolving narratives of love and bridal fashion. Mina Al Sheikhly in Tony Ward designs brings this tale to life, offering readers a glimpse into the world of modern bridal elegance, all captured by the industry's finest talents.

Editor-in-Chief: Olivia phillips
Photographer: Amer Mohamad
Stylist: Nour Bou Ezz
Hairstylist: Jazmin
Make up artist: Jean Kairouz

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