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Leomie Anderson Embodies Vibrance in Tony Ward for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Leomie Anderson's Lustrous Ode to Fashion in Tony Ward Couture
October 2023
The realm of high fashion and couture finds a delightful intersection in Harper's Bazaar Arabia's October issue, and at its core is the radiant Leomie Anderson. Her ensemble, a Tony Ward bright orange silk crepe dress, is not just a garment; it's a statement. It speaks of audacity, of fiery passion, and of an elegance that's as timeless as it's contemporary.

Tony Ward's Couture collection has always celebrated the finesse and intricacies of haute couture, and Leomie's dress stands as a testament to this celebration. The vivid hue, reminiscent of sunsets and autumn leaves, brings out a warmth that contrasts beautifully with the cool undertones of the magazine's aesthetics.

But behind every iconic feature is an orchestra of talents, harmonizing their skills to produce a symphony. Olivia Phillips, as the Editor in Chief, oversaw the vision, while Jack Waterlot Studio captured the essence through their lens. Anna Castan, as the Fashion Director, ensured every detail was in place. And not to forget the diligent efforts of Steff Hawker, Eduardo Bravo, and Tomi Mua, each bringing their expertise to the fore.

Together, this team not only created a fashion feature; they crafted a narrative, where Leomie Anderson and Tony Ward Couture took center stage, captivating readers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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