Jessica Kahawaty Channels 1960s Elegance in Tony Ward | Harper's Bazaar Qatar Autumn 2023 | تحريرات | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية


Jessica Kahawaty Channels 1960s Elegance in Tony Ward | Harper's Bazaar Qatar Autumn 2023

Jessica Kahawaty Revives the '60s in Vintage Tony Ward for Harper's Bazaar Qatar


Time travel in fashion is a unique thrill, a return to eras gone by, with a touch of the contemporary. Jessica Kahawaty, in the Autumn 2023 edition of Harper's Bazaar Qatar, does precisely this. Embracing the charm of the 1960s, she steps into the limelight donning a Tony Ward dress, not just any piece but a precious selection from the archives.

The dress, evocative of the age of free spirits and groundbreaking fashion trends, exudes a nostalgic yet timeless allure. Tony Ward's design seamlessly bridges decades, making a style statement that's both retro and refreshingly modern. The details, the cut, and the flow bring memories of an era known for its iconic fashion statements, and Jessica wears it as if time hasn't passed at all.

Under the guidance of Group Editor in Chief, Olivia Phillips, this edition of Harper's Bazaar Qatar aims to blend the boundaries of time, fusing the past and present in a beautiful dance. Photographer Amer Mohamad captures Jessica in frames that are both vintage and contemporary, emphasizing the duality of the ensemble.

No look is complete without the touches of a stylist, and Nour Bou Ezz does a stellar job of enhancing Jessica's 1960s appearance, ensuring every detail aligns with the era while adding hints of today's fashion flair. Complementing the look, Ivan Kuz delivers hair reminiscent of the iconic '60s hairstyles, and Manuel Losada's makeup skills accentuate Jessica's features, completing the retro transformation.

Group Editor In Chief: Olivia phillips
Photographer: Amer Mohamed
Stylist: Nour Bou Ezz
Hair: Ivan kuz
Make Up: Manuel Losada

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