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Tony Ward's Stunning Dress Featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Tony Ward's Stunning Dress Featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia
April, 2023

Dubai, UAE

Tony Ward, the renowned fashion designer, has caught the attention of Harper's Bazaar Arabia with his latest creation - a stunning pink dress that is sure to turn heads. The dress features intricate detailing and is expertly styled by Nour Bou Ezz, making for a breathtaking visual experience.

The dress, showcased in a new editorial shoot for Harper's Bazaar Arabia, is a testament to Tony Ward's unique style and attention to detail. The dress is crafted with care and precision, featuring a pop of pink that is both bold and elegant.

The shoot, photographed by Amer Mohamad and creative directed by the same, features model Abuk Adier at Art Factory Studio, styled by Nour Bou Ezz. The team has created a stunning visual experience, with the pink dress serving as the focal point of the shoot.

The dress itself is a masterpiece, featuring intricate detailing and a form-fitting silhouette that accentuates the model's figure. The pop of pink adds a touch of playfulness to the overall look, making for a memorable visual experience.

The shoot was made possible by the talented team of professionals, including hair stylist Maggie Semaan, makeup artist Ildana Khalitova, set designer Yehia Bedier, and photographer's assistant Yasir Ali.

Photography Amer Mohamad
Styling Nour Bou Ezz
Creative director Amer Mohamad
Model Abuk Adier at Art Factory Studio
Hair Maggie Semaan
Make up Ildana Khalitova
Set designer Yehia Bedier
Photographer’s assistant Yasir Ali
Fashion assistant Charlotte Marsh Williams

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