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Amira Alzuhair's Captivating Harper’s Bazaar Qatar Cover in Tony Ward's RTW Fall Winter 2023 Collection

November 2023

Doha, Qatar

In the world of high fashion, where artistry and storytelling converge, Amira Alzuhair emerges as a beacon of elegance on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Qatar Autumn/Winter 2023. Draped in a Tony Ward dress from the latest RTW Fall Winter 2023 collection, Amira captures the essence of sophistication and modern femininity.

This collaboration, orchestrated by the visionary Editor in Chief Olivia Phillips and Deputy Editor Jessica Michault, is more than a cover story; it's a visual symphony. Amira, with her poised presence and the Tony Ward creation, becomes the focal point of a narrative that transcends fashion. The RTW Fall Winter 2023 collection, a testament to Tony Ward's mastery, finds its muse in Amira, and together they embark on a journey of style and grace.

Esra Sam, the lens maestro behind the captivating visuals, weaves a tale of elegance and allure. Each click freezes a moment, encapsulating the fusion of Amira's natural charm with the couture brilliance of Tony Ward. The Fashion Director, Anna Castan, ensures every fold, every hue of the dress resonates with the sophisticated aesthetic that Harper’s Bazaar Qatar is renowned for.

Jean Luc Amarin, the magician behind the hair, sculpts Amira's locks into a testament of timeless beauty. Mabs, the makeup artist, adds the finishing touches, enhancing Amira's features and complementing the overall vision of the shoot. Behind the scenes, the Executive Producer Jean Marc Mondelet orchestrates the logistics, ensuring every element aligns seamlessly to produce a visual masterpiece.

The Tony Ward dress, carefully selected for this cover story, is more than a garment; it's a canvas of art. Its intricate details and modern silhouette perfectly harmonize with the vision of Harper’s Bazaar Qatar. Amira Alzuhair, as the cover star, embodies the modern woman — confident, graceful, and a living testament to the synergy between fashion and individuality.

As readers delve into the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Qatar, they aren't just witnessing a fashion spread; they're partaking in a visual journey where each element, from the dress to the talent behind the lens, contributes to a story that transcends time and trends. Amira Alzuhair, Tony Ward, and the creative team have woven a tapestry of style that will linger in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of high fashion.

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