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Styling Advices from the Team

Meet the Team
Lamia, Paris Couture Manager:

-There's a dress for each woman; just try the right one, the one that fits your personality, the story that you would  want to dictate and follow your instinct...
-When in doubt, wear black! Simply accessorize your little black dress and you can easily go from desk to dinner!
-To lengthen the silhouette of a woman, the longer the dress or the pants are, the better; simply pair it with high, chunky heels. 

Mira, PR Coordinator:

How to Dress when you are a Mini ?
-Go for high waist cuts; thank God for the 70’s era!
-The shorter the better: Micro-skirts, Short dresses or pencil skirts could add an inch to your look.
-Oversize it; yes believe it or not style up your wide leg pants or oversized skirt with a tight top and you’re good to go!

Perla, Senior Sales Consultant:

-Don’t focus on details; it’s the total look that matters.  
-Don’t go for a trend if it doesn’t suit your body shape; go for what suits you and it will be trendy enough!
-Fashion is a fast pattern, accept the change and go bold on new styles.

Rima, Couture Manager:

-Go for darker tones, defined-waist cut and an A-shape skirt for a slimmer figurine.
-Don’t go for volumes or ruffles if you’re a "petite”.
-Risk it with an overskirt, not only it is trendy but it will "camouflage” the body.

Youmna, Marketing Director:

-Combine 3 colors to create a look: It’s the right balance between dull and too much.  
-When you find a dress you truly love, buy it and you’ll always find the occasion to wear it. It’s way more enjoyable than waiting for the event, rushing to find a dress and not liking anything. 
-If you didn’t wear it for the past two years, donate it. It will put a smile on the face of so many people in need and you will be able to keep a breathing space in your closet!      

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