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Behind the Scenes of Couture

Our ‘Stardust Voyage’ collection just hit the runway at Palais de Tokyo during Paris Fashion Week. We delve into the secrets of our Spring Summer 23 Couture collection, the culmination of months of hard work. Imagination in motion…

It started with a reflection, about our fleeting passage on Earth. Elie Ward, Tony’s father, passed away last Autumn. He was a couturier. He founded the Ward Atelier 70 years ago, Tony grew up in that atelier. Elie Ward was still working on the collections just a few years ago, transmitting his savoir-faire. This show is envisioned as an homage to the couturier, the voyage of a star.

Constellation Embroidered

Scratched glimmering fabrics, vaporous textures; gazar irisé, mousseline, organza pleated into sculptural clouds. Embroideries destined to capture the glimmers of the cosmos. An innovative process, transforming unexpected matter; silver and gold foil, studs, sequins reflective of the world’s color spectrum into beaded stardust, supernova cascades, asteroid light appliqué, and meteor glimmer crusts. Silk thread finely sculpted into 3D architectural collars. A burst of cosmic black, ultraviolet, solar yellow, celestial blue mirroring the vastness of the universe. Infinite twinkles.

Space Cloud

Some final touches on the dresses before flying to Paris, models drop by for a fitting in the Beirut salons, adjusting an empire waist, adding a dash of color, opening up a slit. Next stop, the Paris showroom on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The make-up and hair style is fine-tuned, finishing the looks with a spark. Meanwhile the stage is set in salle Orbe New York at Palais de Tokyo, a monumental modern architectural landmark inaugurated in 1937 for the Paris International Exhibition of Art and Technology in Modern Life, now dedicated to contemporary art.

Backstage Make Up

Moments before the show: make-up

Ethereal silhouette, constellation 3D embroidery, ultraviolet… 4PM Paris time, the show has started! Stardust scintillating on the runway. Cameras flickering in all directions, catching the starlight reflected in the dresses. A bustling atelier, meticulous handwork, a couture savoir-faire mirrored in the vaporous textures, sculptural constellations, oversized capelines and an unexpected fusion of luminous embroideries.

Beads Scintillating

Blue Celestial

Embroideries Comets

Green Emerald

Silhouette Ethereal

It’s a Stardust Voyage.

Watch the Show

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