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Qi Xi's Mesmerizing Tony Ward Couture Look at the 2023 Golden Rooster Awards

November 2023


In the heart of the cinematic celebration at the 2023 Golden Rooster Awards & Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China, the red carpet witnessed a spectacle of grace and glamour as Qi Xi, the acclaimed actress, made a statement in a Tony Ward Couture silver embroidered dress.

Qi Xi, known for her poise and cinematic prowess, brought an ethereal touch to the festival's atmosphere. The silver embroidered dress, a masterpiece from Tony Ward's Couture collection, was not just an attire; it was a manifestation of artistry and sophistication. Every stitch, every thread seemed to weave a narrative of elegance, perfectly complementing the star-studded event.

The couture creation, with its intricate silver embroidery, was a visual symphony that resonated with the spirit of the festival. As Qi Xi walked the red carpet, the dress came alive, capturing the flashbulbs and the attention of onlookers. It wasn't merely a garment; it was a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity, a signature style of Tony Ward.

The choice of Shasta Wang as the stylist for this grand appearance added an extra layer of brilliance to the ensemble. Shasta Wang's expertise in blending cultural elements with contemporary fashion ensured that Qi Xi's look was not only fashionable but also a celebration of her Chinese heritage.

As the cameras flashed and the crowd applauded, Qi Xi stood as a symbol of cinematic grace and fashion finesse. The Golden Rooster Awards, a prestigious event recognizing excellence in Chinese cinema, found in Qi Xi a muse whose sartorial choices resonated with the festival's grandeur.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Qi Xi's appearance at the 2023 Golden Rooster Awards marked a moment where cinema, fashion, and culture converged. The Tony Ward Couture silver embroidered dress, with its timeless allure, encapsulated the essence of this moment, leaving an indelible mark on the red carpet and in the hearts of admirers worldwide.

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