COUTURE SPRING SUMMER 2024 | فيديوهات | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية



GOLDEN RATIO A natural force stronger than us, An equation with no answer, No matter where you come from, No matter where you stand, You & I are the same. As we Celebrate 10 years of fashion shows in Paris, this collection is an ode to a force that brings us all together: The Golden Ratio; We are made from the same proportions based on a timeless equation. With each curve and line, we pay homage to this ratio that shapes the chaotic beauty we witness around us. Geometrical patterns translated through intricate embroideries, nature’s divine allure, dancing threads replicating the human harmony, explosions of shapes unified into three-dimensional artwork, intersection of different forms & volumes, statement Edwardian sleeves, layers of un-matched materials… A Collection drawn from the same proportions yet distinct aesthetics, same identity yet different color palette: Golden foils, electric blue, bright red, & lavender… all united under the same roof.

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