What it feels like to walk the runway | مقالات فوروارد ماج | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية

مقالات فوروارد ماج

What it feels like to walk the runway

We took a sneak peek backstage, right before our Couture Spring Summer 23 show, Stardust Voyage, to get a feel of the atmosphere and meet the models walking the runway. Follow us as we glance behind the scenes.


We are backstage, just a few minutes left before the show begins in Salle Orbe New York at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. A colorful sparkling make-up palette is set in a corner, Marcello Costa and team MC are running around adding a final touch of shimmery eye shadow or a dash of blush, our show hairstylist Beppe D’Elia is fine tuning a wave then adding a golden hair clip. The ladies walking the runway are taking selfies, smiling at the photographer or chattering together. Some are wearing their light grey Tony Ward robes, others are already in their runway outfit. Anja is in a soft tones peach silver embroidered dress with her matching capeline, Jenaye wears a glimmery gold dress embroidered with accents of purple, Fatou is taking a few dance steps in golden silver dress grooving with the Charleston detailing on her skirt and Anna-Sophia is ready to open the show in an ultraviolet silk crepe dress with a silk thread embroidered constellation 3D bodice. 

Backstage Make up


The hype made us dream a little, and we wanted to know how it felt to have the spotlight on you while walking the runway in those beautiful evening gowns beaded with stardust, flashes of comets embroideries and sculptural silk thread constellations, so we asked the ladies. Daria tells us she really loved the make-up and hairstyle, it felt very beautiful and feminine ‘and the dresses were amazing, and magical in some way for me.’ On that note, Debora adds ‘the experience was magical in itself, I felt very confident and powerful wearing those amazing dresses, even though my heart was beating so fast on the catwalk. For sure a memorable moment.’ We try to imagine the excitement, the emotion and also the bit of pressure it must be to have the spotlight all on you. Tatia shares that this unique moment ‘felt fantastic! The collection was stunningly beautiful, very unique and special.’ Yulia concludes ‘this show was incredible, well organized, good castings, amazing vibes! Thanks a lot for having me in this show, it was a good moment of my life! Hope to see you next season!’ While we eagerly await next season we leave you with a few snapshots of these gorgeous ladies having a fun and getting ready backstage.

Backstage smiles

moments before the runway

Runway ready

Photo by Alex Kozhin

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