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مقالات فوروارد ماج

The Wedding Guest

The ‘Save the date’ is penciled in your agenda, a polished invitation card is somewhere in the closet and the wedding website lost in your emails. A winter wedding is all the more precious because it is rarer than warmer days’ occasions. We gathered some tips for you to look fabulous and make the most of that treasured party. We don’t want to outshine the bride, but we might just!


Winter Color Palette

Weddings are the perfect occasion to opt for color. This autumn winter season, tones are warm with a colorful freshness, calming and soothing hues inspired by nature, and a touch of retro. Fall Winter 22/23 color trends feature oxide orange, jade green, brass, honey, dark oak, midnight blue, digital lavender and luscious red.

 Winter 22 Color Palette  Fall Color Palette




Favorite Fabrics

This Fall Winter season fabrics are about a balancing grounding soft textures and whirls of fantasy. Runways revealed the freedom of fluid fabrics, the sparkle of shiny metallic, the mystery of modern geometries, the romance of floral embroideries and plays on sheer. Dance the night away in flowy mousseline, shimmery taffeta, studded jersey or iridescent georgette.

 FW22 23 Fabrics  Fall Fabric Trends














Dress Code

The dress code on the invitation card gives a hint for what to wear but the key is always choosing what you are comfortable with, that suits you. White tie says most formal; a floor length gown. For black tie and formal mentions, choose a long or short dressy dress, or opt for a tad more laid back taffeta top and skirt. If the card says festive attire don’t hesitate to play with sparkles and bold colors. When packing for a spectacular destination wedding, we would recommend choosing a lightweight fabric for your dress to leave space in your suitcase for a fab morning after outfit.

 Dress Code  Dress Code Wedding Guest








Beauty Trends

Why not try the key hair and make-up trends of the season? A sleek low ponytail, a polished or messy side part line with extra volume, or pulled back hair with a slight retro volume as we chose for our models this season. Hair trends go from long and flowy to retro chop style short cut. The eyelids turn into a canvas to paint a multicolored palette, metallic, smoky eyes or winged liners. As for nails, trends get playful; drop some pearls or crystals, metallic hues or two-toned abstract geometries. For extra fun for the occasion, French manicure is back but this time the tips are colorful and funky. Our easy, beautiful and a tad groovy reco; match your dress color.

 Beauty Trends FW22 23  Hair Trends FW22 23



Glam accessories

Time for the final touch; accessories. In case you need to walk in the cold, make sure to choose a cashmere shawl, a cozy furry wrap or a long wool coat that you can drop indoors. Add a pair of heart or geometric shaped earrings, some grand pearls, or layer maxi bracelets. As for shoes, we say there are no rules; go bold with black or silver ankle boots, dazzle with high heeled pumps, or choose sandals with an artsy or a smooth plain color pair of stockings. Grab a mini IT bag or a clutch, something with an easy handle, chain or bracelet, so you can carry it, hands free to be whirled around on the dancefloor.

Accessories Trends Fall 22  Accessories Trends FW22 23

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