THE KEY SPRING SUMMER 23 FASHION TRENDS | مقالات فوروارد ماج | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية

مقالات فوروارد ماج


The first rays of sun are shining, it’s time for brighter tones, lighter textures and maybe showing off a little bit of skin. So what are the fashion trends for Spring Summer 23? Here’s our luxe take on the best eveningwear of this Spring Summer season!


Ballet Dancing

Puffy petticoats, boleros and shades inspired from the world of dance are in (ballet flats too!). Sprinkle the right dose of glam’; ruffles, wildflowers, sequins, feathers and other 3D embellishments, for that ‘Instagrammable’ effect. And now time for a dance ‘pirouette.’

Ballet Dancing SS23 Trend

Party Sequins

Shimmering sequins to light up the night. The festivities continue into the Spring Summer season with the glitz and glam of glitters. They come in a burst of extraordinary colors; golden yellows, bright sky blue, deep red or cherry blossom pink. ‘Let’s go party (ah ah ah yeah)’.

Party Sequins SS23 Trends

Lime for Spring

An earthy green, reminiscent of juicy lime, acid yellowish zesty green for a mood lift is officially the color of the season. This punchy shade has taken over runways and we will delightedly take in the dose of happy vitamins it brings in!

Deep is Back

Just below the waist, at the bottom of the spine, a sensual area of the body is revealed this Spring Summer 23 season. A back décolleté, a well-placed cut-out, a low-rise waist make a comeback from the 90s. Let them stare while you walk away.

Lime for Spring SS23 Trend

Metallic Bralette

Sparkling evening wear for the warrior ladies, shimmering metallic on molded bralettes in shades of precious silver. Cool shiny silver is also a trend in its own right this Spring Summer 23 so don’t hesitate to choose your outfit with some glitter or embroidered sequins.

Metallic Bralette SS23 Trends

Sheer Play

A subtle detail, a flicker of skin revealed in the weave of a corset, in the flow of a skirt, the asymmetry a cape, transparencies get playful this Spring season. A little bit of reveal for our diaphanous evening dresses with their touch of sheer.

Sheer Play SS23 Trends

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