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مقالات فوروارد ماج

Making of ‘La Mariée Spring 24’ collection.

We went inside the atelier, where the magic happens, to discover the secrets of the dreamy dresses from our La Mariée Spring 24 collection. Come along on our atelier tour back a few days before the reveal of our ‘Wildlife Gems’ brides collection.

Roses petals, endless leaves patterns and shimmers of precious stones, the collection is an ode to nature. We begin our tour with the ‘Origin’ dress. The corset is embroidered with 3D clusters of flowers, ‘they remind me of the jasmines of my childhood’ says the head of atelier. The corsage has a visible boning and playful transparencies, and the flowers lusciously cascade down on the dress

Vetiver La Mariee Spring 24

We are mesmerized by the sparkle of the Vetiver dress. On a table, a couturière is meticulously embroidering layer upon layer of sequins and crystals on a flora inspired bustier. ‘It has been three weeks already of working on this dress, and it will be another week until we are done.’ The dress is a playful mix of organza and tulle in a creamy white, lightly golden, unique shade created by the savvy tricks of the atelier magicians.

Origin La Mariee Spring 24

We come upon the Olea dress, a golden greige shade coated in scintillating silver. Our eyes are captured by the ethereal hoodie veil with its beaded drops and delicate sleeves that the bride can remove when the wedding party begins, and a voluptuous overskirt.

Olea La Mariee Spring 24

A couturier is working on the Secret gown, embroidering glitters on a 3D bustier, the trick, we are told, is giving structure to layers of soft silk. The silhouette is also particular, with its dropped waist, the gown is intended to flatter a lady’s figure, ‘this creative touch is found across some of the dresses from the Wildlife Gems collection’.

Secret La Mariee Spring 24

Our atelier tour is over, the twinkles in our eyes are everlasting. Bejeweled bridal gowns inspired by nature’s wonders; wildflowers shimmering on majestic volumes, beads stitched into diamond shapes, 3D floral embroidered corsets and the structured tenderness of silk and organza.





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