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مقالات فوروارد ماج

Interview with Amine Jreissati

Interview with Amine Jreissati


While working behind the scenes, stylists play a key role in building striking brand identities and fashion narratives.

ForWard meets stylist Amine Jreissati to shed light on what it takes to become a visual innovator.


Forward: While being able to adapt their styles for clients, brands etc. we can always feel the signature of a stylist. How would you describe your personal style?

Amine Jreissati: I would say that just like my own personality, my shoots are often full of paradoxes. A clash of aesthetics, shaped yet unpolished, clean yet messy. It could be through the hair, the outfits, the make-up, the attitude or even the context. There must be life in the story I tell, some imperfections that give it a soul. A shoot is a story, and a story with no emotion is simply boring.


F: From where do you draw your inspiration?

AJ: From anything and everything.From the streets, from art, from imperfections, and from beauty; even ugliness inspires me.


F: How do you build an identity for a brand or a shoot?

AJ: If am building a brand identity or working on a first campaign for a brand (which happened to be the case with a Lebanese designer for whom I created the first campaign ever), the major challenge is to translate the vision of the designer in one image. To create desire. To create an impact. It’s not a story, it’s more of a vision in one single image.And the process to get to that images is the equivalent of hours of brainstorm, of trials; it’s a huge team sharing ideas; then you take the best out of all and bring it to life.

F: Styling requires fashion visionaries. What does it take to be ahead of one's time in this field?

AJ: I think that nowadays, we are not very much ahead of time. Everything has been done, redone, reinterpreted and revisited.We are more in the present than in the future...Everything is trendy, seasons don’t really exist anymore. What’s out today, is already outdated tomorrow. So what’s important today is to be able to propose a vision of how to wear stuff, how to mix them, how to make them alive and adapt them to your own personal style.


F: What is your creative process when working on a shoot?

AJ: Every shoot is different. Challenging in its own way. And the process I have for each shoot depends on the project itself. Sometimes the model inspires me and I build the concept/story around her.Or if I have a certain concept in mind, I then find the appropriate girl for that specific concept and develop it.Not to forget that it’s always a teamwork. Obviously, one should take the final decision, but what’s important is that the photographer, stylist, hair and make-up should all be aligned in terms of vision.

F: Which Styling tip would you give to the readers of ForWard?

AJ: Honestly, I think that every person should dress the way they feel comfortable.That’s how they create their own style.If one doesn’t have his/her own style it means s/he still didn’t find himself; he or she is somehow lost.So my advice would be to follow what your body needs and what you feel mentally or physically comfortable in. And balance (in term of colors, shape, etc.) is very important. Finally, attitude is the key to all.

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