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مقالات فوروارد ماج

Dear bride to be,

The ring is twinkling on your finger and love is sparkling in your eyes. It is time to go over your wedding checklist. We know of the excitement and a little bit of the jitters, so we concocted a wedding dress style guide just for you. We hope that finding your dream dress becomes a magical part of the beautiful new journey you are taking your first step towards. Time to find the (other) one.


The Enchanting Mermaid

We begin with the mesmerizing mermaid cut. This fitted silhouette highlights our beautiful body curves. The Mermaid cut dress flares at the knee, elongating the silhouette. The long bodice is your canvas; play with a seductive plunging neckline, a sweetheart shape bustier or a laced sheer back. The Trumpet dress resembles the Mermaid but flares at the hips, and the flare tends to be more subtle. To top off the spectacle, we suggest an overskirt at the ceremony with some regal volume; a detachable skirt worn on top of your wedding dress. When the party starts, drop the overskirt and kick up your heels.

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The Whimsical A-Line

Dreamy and romantic, this style flatters ladies with its fitted bodice and A-shaped skirt. The skirt gradually flares from the waist to the train, highlighting the former. A-line dresses will suit petite and curvy bodies alike and make it easy to swiftly move around; between listening to your guests’ compliments and unleashing your inner diva on the dancefloor. Now the choice remains between a delicate square neckline with shiny detailing, a silvery embroidered corset, or three-dimensional guipure lace with a shimmery skirt. Discover more looks from our Dance with me Bridal collection.



The Soft Glam Sheath

Dazzle effortlessly. Fitted styles bring a glamorous laid back vibe and a relaxed choice to smoothly dance the night away. The Sheath embraces the body, falling straight at the legs, and the Column style is similar, but with more structured fabrics like taffeta. Sprinkle glitters on these minimalist wedding dress styles for that serious wow effect; a sparkly beaded cascade with a twist motif on the waist or a dazzling embroidered one-sided silver net.


The splendid Ball gown

Ball gown wedding dresses come straight out of fairytales. Similar to the A-Line silhouette, they feature a graceful fitted bodice with delicately embroidered cap, off shoulder, or puff sleeves. The skirt is wonderfully oversized for a ladylike silhouette highlighting the waist and minimizing the hips. Our little magic wand touch; we sprinkle these dresses with fine crystalline sparkles. Explore our Twinkling Dots collection.


You will also stumble upon more unexpected wedding styles and find that they fit right for you. Our number one tip would be to choose what feels right and make the most of this extraordinary moment in life.

We wish you Congratulations for the big leap, and a beautiful journey filled with happiness, beauty and love.



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