Behind-the-Scenes of the Paris Fashion Show | مقالات فوروارد ماج | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية

مقالات فوروارد ماج

Behind-the-Scenes of the Paris Fashion Show


The frenzies, the excitement, the stress, the last minute preparations, the behind the scenes race… they never subside.

On the contrary, they seem to increase. With every show dawns a new pressure: it has to outdo preceding ones. And after all, that is exactly why we love the Fashion world. We love the Fashion world for the everlasting, perpetual race against the clock, so stressful yet so highly rewarding.

With two annual Couture fashion shows organized by the Tony Ward team in Paris, and the numerous other fashion shows in different countries around the world such as Mexico, USA, Qatar, China, to name a few, we never get used to the process nor the feeling. It is never the same.



This season, the Tony Ward Couture Spring Summer 2017 collection Aelia Eudociawas revealed on January 23 in Paris at L’Oratoire du Louvre during the Haute Couture Week. It was the collaboration of highly skilled artisans and manufacturers; their hard work inside the studios and ateliers of the House is what came to fruition. They designed exclusive fabrics and embroideries, developed new cuts and volumes, and used special sewing techniques that only a handful of Couture ateliers in Paris master, an added value which is rarely exploited today. More than two hundred hands have worked on this collection in the Tony Ward ateliers, contributing their extraordinary skills to such a unique collection.



Aelia Eudocia, the Muse behind the Spring Summer 2017 Collection, was a Byzantine woman who refused to settle for injustice. Empowered by her love and knowledge of Literature, she stepped up bravely when difficulties rose and went to Constantinople to ask for justice in the imperial court. Her strength impressed the young emperor Theodosius II who fell in love with her and married her. Charmed by her avant-garde and unconventional journey, Tony Ward reflected her boldness and modernity in his designs. He created a collection in the image of the empress: a mixture of strength, poetry, boldness and femininity.

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