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مقالات فوروارد ماج

A Couture House Legacy

We took out our notebooks and pens, to learn about the ups and downs of the journey of our designer Tony Ward as he shared his knowledge and experience with the passionate students of Istituto Marangoni during his masterclass ‘An Insider Look’ in Dubai. Precious advice…

The movie ‘Tony Ward, the Legacy’ just ended, it narrates the tale of a young boy, who at just nine years old started working in an atelier and ended up becoming a renowned couturier dressing high society ladies of Beirut and an international clientele who would visit the bustling capital at the time. That boy was Tony Ward’s father, Elie who remains a building block of the couture’s house atelier even after his passing last October. With his father, teenage Tony learnt the craft, but then felt the need to fly with his own wings. He tells the students of his journey to Europe, where he studied at Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris then worked with Claude Montana at Lanvin, Gianfranco Ferre at Dior and Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe. He remembers his teacher, a doyenne with 25 years of experience, telling him, that a designer has to have ideas all the time. He recalls sleepless nights looking at the ceiling of his student bedroom, wondering if he had what it takes, did he have enough ideas? He also recalls being inspired by his mentor Claude Montana who told him, a stone, even an ugly one, could be shaped, broken, remolded into something beautiful. From that advice he understood the power of positivity, of choosing something, going ahead with it, trying, and if that idea doesn’t work, ‘you try something else.’

Couture House Legacy

The designer told the student that at some point he felt ready to move back to his own country, Lebanon, and establish himself independently from his family. He mentioned his first show ‘about 23 years ago’ in Dubai. How at the beginning he managed to collect money to fund his enterprise, and did what he knew best ‘how to sew and cut.’ ‘I did a lot of mistakes at the beginning, some clients where not happy, but I knew I put it all in something I believed in, and eventually clients were happy.’ His business grew, he opened his boutique in Beirut then his showroom in Paris, launched his ready-to-wear and bridal lines, and an in-house magazine. He met a lot of people along the way; princesses, first ladies, friends, he learnt that ideas come from the people you meet, from the women who inspire him, and also from his team. Tony particularly appreciates working with his team, developing a brand, visualizing his ideas in 3Ds, sketching them, imagining the colors of a collection, innovative shapes, ‘I am stubborn but I also listen’. During the lecture he went over some key moments; imagining an underlying story for each collection, the bustle of the photoshoots, a recent tribute to his father where the design team upcycled some tailoring pieces from his father’s collections into new couture wonders, and dressing celebrities on the Red Carpet. He told the students he embraces the joy in his work and is more than ever motivated to create more magic in the future, inspiring them to pursue what they love.

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