Introducing Golden Hour | الأحداث | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية


Introducing Golden Hour

Beirut, Lebanon

It’s Autumn, dancing on the crispy sound of the shiny golden leaves.

It’s the season to FALL in love.

The mermaid cuts with embroidered leaves,

The A-shape with subtle volumes & silk branches,

Ruffles & lace for the twirling, just like a falling leaf,

Simple taffeta for the Autumn breeze,

Tony Ward Fashion House introduces "Golden Hour".

This year has been a constant reminder that Love always wins, its conquers the pandemic, the racism & the homophobia. 

Love doesn’t have have a color, nor a gender.

It’s there during summer waves, under the snowflakes, in between the blossoming season…

or even during the golden Autumn Hour.

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