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Couture SPRING SUMMER 2018 Fashion Show

January 22, 2018

Paris, France

Tony Ward revealed his Couture Spring Summer 2018 collection on January 22 in Paris during Paris Haute Couture Week, at the prestigious l’Oratoire du Louvre. Originally the Royal chapel of the Louvre, this impressive location with its historical and grandiose atmosphere created a one-of-a-kind intense ambiance that transported the audience to another dimension. As per each season, the temple donated the rental earnings of the fashion show to charity.

The new collection, inspired by a never-ending pattern; the fractals, was presented in front of international guests, clients, friends and press members coming from all over the world to attend the show. They were able to discover first-hand this Spring Summer 2018 Couture collection. Consistent yet random and complex patterns were handcrafted on dresses; each repetition creating random, unique and beautiful outlines.

Several celebrities were sitting front row to discover the collection, among them actresses Natacha Régnier and Liliana Nova, Miss France 2018 Maeva Coucke, singer Nilusi and fashion influencers Paola Turani, Karina Nigay, Kristabel Krayt, Nicole Bernardes, Tamara Al Gabbani, Alia Chergui, Camilla Lucchi, Elisa Bardazzo and Carlo Alberto Maccan Romanoff.

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