Zhang Zhi Shimmers in Tony Ward for Marie Claire Dinner in Paris | مشاهير | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية


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Zhang Zhi Shimmers in Tony Ward for Marie Claire Dinner in Paris

Paris, with its historic boulevards and timeless charm, serves as the backdrop for countless tales of fashion. This narrative was further enriched as Zhang Zhi, the epitome of style, strolled the streets of the French capital in a resplendent Tony Ward Charleston dress.

The shimmer of the dress, reminiscent of the flapper era, painted a portrait of elegance and spontaneity, making every cobblestone and lamplight a part of Zhang Zhi's runway. It wasn't just about the destination, but the journey – a stroll that merged the spirit of the roaring twenties with the heartbeat of modern Paris.

Destination? The coveted Marie Claire dinner, a gathering of fashion's elite, orchestrated by the renowned Cecilia Cheung. As Zhang Zhi made her entrance, the shimmery ensemble by Tony Ward commanded admiration, once again underscoring the harmonious marriage of vintage charm and contemporary flair. An evening to remember, where Parisian streets echoed with tales of style, legacy, and enchantment.

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