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Stephanie Atala Stuns in Tony Ward Archive Piece for Bulgari Dubai Exhibition

September 2023

Dubai, UAE

In a city where modernity meets tradition, Stephanie Atala, the rapidly ascending star, chose to delve deep into the timeless beauty of fashion. Attending Bulgari's eagerly awaited Serpenti Factory exhibition in Dubai, Stephanie cast a spell in a Tony Ward Couture dress, an exclusive piece retrieved from the designer's esteemed archives.

This archival Tony Ward dress, a testament to the designer's enduring artistry, wove a tale of fashion's bygone eras while effortlessly resonating with the contemporary. Stephanie, adorned in this couture masterpiece, added her touch of fresh charm and charisma, aligning seamlessly with the splendor of Bulgari's showpiece event.

Ibrahim Fakhereldine, widely recognized as "Styled by Ibra", was the mastermind behind Stephanie's awe-inspiring appearance. His nuanced understanding of fashion narratives, coupled with his ability to merge vintage charm with contemporary appeal, ensured that Stephanie was the embodiment of grace and modernity amidst the dazzling gems of the exhibition.

As Bulgari showcased its legendary artisanship and design ethos, Stephanie Atala, garbed in the poetic elegance of Tony Ward Couture, became an emblem of style, reverberating the essence of luxury. This union of a rising star, a revered fashion archive, and an iconic brand underscored the event's significance, creating an unforgettable tapestry of glamour in Dubai's vibrant fashion landscape.

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