Nancy Ajram Glitters in Tony Ward for Sharm El Sheikh Concert | مشاهير | آخر الأخبار | طوني ورد للأزياء الراقية


Nancy Ajram Glitters in Tony Ward for Sharm El Sheikh Concert

September 2023

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Amidst the rhythmic echoes of the Red Sea shores, Sharm El Sheikh bore witness to a musical and sartorial spectacle. Nancy Ajram, an emblem of Arabic music, took center stage not just with her enthralling melodies but also with her undeniable sense of style, opting for a Tony Ward dress that sparkled just as brilliantly as her performance.

Tony Ward's design, marked by its intricate detailing and lavish craftsmanship, perfectly complemented Nancy's magnetic presence. The dress, designed to shimmer and shine under the stage lights, became a visual symphony, enhancing each note and lyric that Nancy delivered.

Behind this illustrious look was the distinct touch of Sarah Keyrouz. Recognized for her expertise in styling icons of the music industry, Sarah ensured that Nancy's ensemble was not just a dress but a reflection of the singer's legacy and persona. Meticulous attention to detail, from the choice of accessories to the harmonious palette, transformed the Tony Ward dress into an ensemble fit for a music legend.

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