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Kylie Minogue in TonyWard Couture | "Tension" Video Release 2023

September, 2023
Music and fashion have long been intertwined, each influencing and elevating the other. In the limelight of her newest single "Tension", Kylie Minogue reaffirms this blend, donning a breathtaking TonyWard Couture dress that brings an added layer of allure to her musical narrative.

The Couture dress, a testament to TonyWard's knack for creating mesmerizing fashion moments, glistens with every note, encapsulating the song's vibe. Its intricate design, combined with Kylie's magnetic aura, creates a spectacle that resonates with the song's emotion and energy.

Steering this fashion narrative is Bradley Kenneth, the stylist behind the vision. Bradley's keen eye for blending contemporary flair with timeless elegance is evident, making sure that Kylie not only shimmers but truly embodies the essence of "Tension". Every detail, every shimmering facet of the dress, harmonizes with the song's rhythm, creating a visual and auditory symphony.

Erik Melvin, the photographer for this project, brings his unique touch, ensuring that the TonyWard Couture dress and Kylie Minogue's iconic presence are captured in perfect harmony. His lens paints a vivid image, emphasizing the synergy between Kylie's musical prowess and her impeccable fashion sense.

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