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Jessica Kahawaty in Tony Ward for Breitling Navitimer Launch

September, 2023

New York, USA

The world of luxury watches witnessed a touch of sartorial brilliance as Jessica Kahawaty graced the launch of the new Breitling Navitimer. Not one to be overshadowed by the gleam of timepieces, she stood out, wearing a meticulously crafted two-piece ensemble by Tony Ward.

This Tony Ward creation, in all its finesse, played a symphony of elegance and contemporary chic. The design, a harmonious blend of structure and flow, accentuated Jessica's grace, ensuring she was the cynosure of all eyes. While the Breitling Navitimer represents precision in time, Jessica's ensemble symbolized precision in fashion.

Behind this captivating look was the discerning eye of Cedric Haddad. As a stylist, Cedric understands the art of balance — ensuring that Jessica's attire complemented the significance of the event while allowing her individual style to shine through. Every detail, from the fit of the ensemble to the accessories chosen, reflected a narrative of luxury, precision, and style.

Breitling, known for its legacy in aviation and timepieces, saw an evening where time stood still, if only for a moment, as Jessica Kahawaty, in her Tony Ward ensemble, captured the essence of timeless elegance. It was a rendezvous of horological excellence and haute couture, proving that when the worlds of fashion and timekeeping converge, magic happens.

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